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Winter-Fall collection 2020


This fall our "La Vie Sauvage" collection is inspired by Nature, with a return to the Origins, to the Earth, to ethnic and animal themes.

It’s our back-to-school bestiary!

Galloping horses, elephants, majestic tigers and imposing deer bring a breath of life and freedom to the garments...

Then all it takes is a little imagination to put together your wardrobe!

Dresses, coats and ample petticoats are happily layered.

Blends of floral and striped patterns, embellished with Scottish tartans, chunky knitted wool sweaters, give the ensembles a bohemian feel.

Just add a few accessories: felt hats, belts, leather boots, and a saddlebag to reveal an adventurous soul.

The cold is coming? Wrap yourself up in beautiful warm and comfortable fabrics that will help you get through the winter.

Wool jackets and coats, inspired by traditional Uzbek and Turkmen wear, velvet dresses with colorfull embroidering, large Tchapans in silk ikat will take you to the great outdoors and the steppes of Central Asia.

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