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Bamyan's spring 2021

The Sun, the Light and all the colors of the rainbow are present in the Spring / Summer 2021 collection.

Its theme “Harmonies and Vibrations” is a chromatic theme that invites you to play with colors to find your inner melody ...

From deep red associated with the root chakra to stay firmly rooted, to beautiful orange to drive away gloom and boost the energy of spring.

Yellow because it's sunny in it.

Above all, do not neglect green, which sometimes has a bad press, but soothes tension and anger.

Get drunk on blue, it heals the soul and the evil in it.

Occasionally add a touch of purple - or deep indigo - which promotes intuition and inner wisdom.

Finally, in case of panic, heat wave or great heat, bet on white you will not regret it. It brings freshness and clarity, awakens consciousness and spirituality.

And for summer all these colors, these interior melodies, these bouquets of flowers are printed on a soft cotton!

The best cotton that we make pretty dresses and petticoats!

Laura, Kate, Lisa, Lucy, Mary, Lili, Kumi and Akiko ... Laura... You know them and you can order them on our e-shop: shipping is free of charge for all destinations!

From one island to another...

This year Bamyan will move to its summer home on Île de Ré beginning May 11th until September 30th.


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